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Government Day

This session presents an overview of local government and its relationship to other governmental bodies. Students receive firsthand experience in civic leadership by campaigning and running for public office in a mock election. Opportunities are provided throughout the day to interact with current and former public office holders as well as public service administrators. One of the intents of the Leadership SRV program is to familiarize the class with methods of effecting change through the governmental process. To gain a working understanding of the overall function of local city governments and how they interact with federal, state, and county governments, other agencies and special districts. To learn the process by which an individual or group can bring about change in governmental policy. To understand Public Safety issues in relation to city government To have a better understanding of the issues that affect where we live and work. To learn the fundamentals of government, such as process, protocol, budget, legal, ethical, etc. To prepare ourselves in the future to solve the issues that affects us. To gain confidence in speaking before a group or government body.
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Communications Day

Those who deliver clear, concise and relevant messages become leaders. This class is designed to understand the principles of communication in today’s environment. Sending the right message is not a luxury — it is a necessity because smart communication increases trust, credibility and leadership opportunities.
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Fund Raising Challenge

I'm anxious to let all know the results of last nights dinner. It was a great evening and we earned for our Teenage Challenge $2,210.00:'s not over until it's over...keep pushing our raffle wine extravaganza drawing! TWO MONTHS MORE TO GO! David R. Miller, Mayor/ Casa Monte, Class of 2015/2016
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