Fund Raising Challenge


David R. Miller
Mayor/ Casa Monte
Class of 2015/2016

I’m anxious to let all know the results of last nights dinner. It was a great evening and we earned for our Teenage Challenge $2,210.00!!!! Gianni’s gave us a check for $1,780.00 and they then recognize the raffle money we earned from last nights ticket sales. That sub total was approximately $430.00. So together for last nights efforts our GRAND TOTAL WAS $2210.00. We still have a lot of money coming in from earlier raffle ticket sales and many more tickets still to be sold!

I think the team that worked the dinner has a new respect for what it takes to operate a successful restaurant and especially to be a waiter or waitress…..what hard work that is. It was a little easier for us, as we had a common goal, worked with classmates, had a blast and achieved our objectives. It was a wonderful night. I personally want to thank everyone who played a role in making our event a success.

Special thanks go to Alexandra who co ordinated all the waiters and she herself worked tirelessly….you are the best! A big thank you to Michael Spranger who not only worked hard, but got us our Leadership shirts that looked fabulous and made us all look like a team. Martin Koran thank you for overseeing the raffle money collections and for working so hard and with such contagious enthusiasm. Annamarie Usher didn’t stop for a minute as she demonstrated how a great waitress does or should do her job. Chris George was a working machine and got the job done like a real professional …..Chris now has a new found love for his every day job I’m sure! Lt. Allan Shields showed a professionalism that went beyond the call of duty…..his attention to details in serving was awesome. Allan do you moonlight some where as a real waiter?

Min Tsao gets special VIP recognition for not only serving like a real pro, but for inviting over 20 guests to our dinner….good job Min! And last but certainly not least…special thanks to Danville’s Vice Mayor and my friend Karen Stepper. Thank you Karen for greeting every guest with class and welcoming warmth. You not only were the hostess with the mostess, but you continued to collect donations until the very end…good job.

I would be amiss if I didn’t thank Gianni and his wonderful wife Melanie for overseeing our success and hosting their fabulous restaurant giving us the opportunity to give back to our community. When is comes to great Italian food and atmosphere…..I know we will all patronize Gianni’s Italian Bistro again. Let’s all tell our friends and family about Gianni’s! Maybe a class reunion there one day? Count me in!

And thank you to all of our guests who so generously donated from their hearts. Big thanks to Elaine Cortez and the Board of Directors of the Leadership San Ramon Valley for the Best support we could ever ask for.

Thank you one and all again. Remember…it’s not over until it’s over…keep pushing our raffle wine extravaganza drawing! TWO MONTHS MORE TO GO!