A Healthy Community


Healthy Community Day provides an opportunity for leadership participants to discover the array of services that characterize a balanced, “healthy” community. Through fieldwork and class discussions critical issues facing families, children and elderly in our community are identified and addressed. Class participants will meet with key community leaders who are experts in education, public safety, recreation and seniors as part of their fieldwork. This class focuses on the essential elements of personal and community health. Several opportunities are available to explore specific community challenges and gain access to community experts making a difference in our community.


The goal of this session is to explore some of the serious domestic issues facing families, children and the elderly in the San Ramon Valley. In particular, the class seeks to achieve the following:

  1. To discover the elements of a “healthy community”
  2. Identify community challenges and ways to address those issues
  3. To find what resources are available for those ‘at risk’
  4. To discover volunteer opportunities with non-profit human services providers
Elaine Cortez Schroth About Elaine Cortez Schroth

Elaine Cortez Schroth was the Executive Director, with the Leadership San Ramon Valley from June 2008 to June 2016.