“Tips for Change” event raised $4,000 for charity

Photo by Bola Majekodunmi

Photo by Bola Majekodunmi

We had around 100 people altogether turn out, and when all was said and done, our class of 2014 raised $4,000 for the Discovery Counseling Center! That number will actually go up a little, as Dina is still working on a few more donations.

This was a great team effort and I think we have a lot to be proud of. We all worked to get the word out, we had great PR from Alain and Teri and lots of involvement in the event itself.

Dan was first in line when we opened for business, Cynthia came to get some takeout even though her husband was ill and left a BIG tip and others from class were there throughout the night to enjoy some of that great Gianni’s food.

Mike was behind the bar keeping the glasses full all night, Jim and Macy seemed to be everywhere at once clearing tables, filling water glasses and just in general keeping things going. Sharon and Melanie kept ‘butts in the seats’ so the waitstaff was kept jumping. Dina and Teri had tables of 10 and somehow kept it all straight.

Simon and Bola took tons of photos posted here and here. They also jumped in and helped out with serving or clearing when needed. And then there were the two Karens, Nadine and Renee buzzing back and forth to the kitchens and keeping the customers happy.

I think we managed not to break any dishes or spill any food (thank goodness Gianni had some of his staff on hand to help keep us in check).

Overall this was a great effort and I am very proud that we raised the amount we did. Whether you were involved in planning, getting the word out, working the event or just coming and whipping out that checkbook, this was a CLASS project, one we all had a part in and one we can all be proud of.

A quick thanks to Melanie and Gianni for letting us use their restaurant. Great location, great food and great staff. We gave them their thank you card last night with the gift card and strict instructions that they needed to spend it on ‘something fun for them.’

Thanks to all of you for being part of it. I enjoyed our discussions of what to do, planning sessions and just in general getting this event ready and seeing it to completion.

Geoff Gillette
Mayor of Casa Monte
Class of 2014

In real life:
Public Information Coordinator
Town of Danville