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Linda Oubre

Linda was appointed Dean of the College of Business at San Francisco State University in July 2012. Her goals for the College include expanding connections with the business community, attracting more students and raising revenue.
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Foundations of Leadership

The Foundations of Leadership Day on September 1st starts off the program with the learning objectives to Understand leadership in this time and context Develop and understand leadership styles and differences Establish a foundation for effective teamwork and group learning Our guest speaker and facilitator is Linda Oubre, Dean of the College of Business at San Francisco State University. She will lead the class through a variety of discussions exploring leadership styles and differences. In addition, Danville Councilmember Newell Arnerich and San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson will provide a history of the San Ramon Valley. Intermixed throughout the day are opportunities for developing relationships with the other program participants and building the foundations for a strong sense of team and group identity.  
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