Newell Arnerich

Newell Arnerich has served as the Mayor of Danville for six terms and 24 years on the Council. He serves on a variety of local and statewide committees keeping Danville at forefront of engagement such as the Contra Costa Transportation Agency, East Bay Economic Development Alliance for Business, Statewide Commission on Transportation, Communication & Public Works Policy and Statewide Commission on Housing, Community & Economic Development.  

Newell Arnerich holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Architecture & Urban Design (University of California Berkeley) and taught undergraduate classes for 2 ½ years (University of California Berkeley). He is a Graduate of Leadership San Ramon Valley, League of California Cities Mayors & Council Members Academy for Leadership and Advanced Leadership and an instructor at Leadership San Ramon Valley for nearly 20 years. Mr. Arnerich has published over 50 articles on governance, leadership and economic trends. He has guest lectured at Stanford University MBA International Classes, UC Berkeley College of Letters & Sciences and other institutions. He has received several Awards in recognition of his service and activities in the area of leadership such as the Community Mentor Award from APAPA (Asian Pacific-Islander American Public Affairs), the Volunteer of the Year Award and Diablo Magazine’s Threads of Hope Award recipient. Mr. Arnerich currently serves on the board of directors for several public and private institutions such as iGATE Innovation Hub and New Silicon Valley Offshore Incubator (US – China business organization).

At the same time, Mr. Arnerich, Chief Executive Officer/Founder, is a successful entrepreneur and experienced professional architect and urban planner with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Recognizing an opportunity around corporate and high-tech research design services, Newell co- founded AD Architects forty years ago. He has since been instrumental in the development of cutting-edge design and technologies that have continued to revolutionize the high-tech design/research marketplace. His firm has received numerous design Awards such the Calibre Awards for the USC-Institute for Creative Technologies Campus and the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) International Headquarters Campus. 

Newell is married 46 years to Janis Arnerich, a 30-year teacher and Elementary School Principal in San Francisco Bay Area school districts. Janis currently works with a Non-profit Education Training/Research Organization, NTC, New Teacher Center.  Together, they have two adult children.