About Us

Our Mission

Leadership San Ramon Valley empowers both current and emerging community leaders by equipping them with  relevant insights, skills and relationships to ensure effective leaders and engaged community members, now and into the future. 

Our Program

Our commitment lies in fostering civic engagement and promoting strong leadership in the community by nurturing the leaders of today and tomorrow. The Leadership San Ramon Valley program focuses on achieving the following objectives for adults who live and/or work in the San Ramon Valley:

  • Comprehensive Understanding: We provide a profound understanding of the challenges, policies, and mechanisms that shape the San Ramon Valley, allowing participants to fully grasp the complexities of our community.
  • Leadership Development: We cultivate and enhance the leadership abilities and decision-making skills of our class members, empowering them to drive positive change.
  •  Meaningful Connections: We facilitate meaningful interactions between class members, community leaders, and policymakers, promoting collaboration and synergistic efforts.
  •  Creative Problem-Solving: Our program offers a dynamic platform for robust dialogue and   creative solutions to address current and future community issues effectively.

Our Values

At Leadership San Ramon Valley, we uphold the following values, which are fundamental to our approach:

  • Diversity and Inclusivity: We believe in celebrating diverse perspectives, experiences, ideologies, and backgrounds; promoting an inclusive and enriching environment; and fostering an equitable experience for all San Ramon Valley community members.
  • Community Belonging: We believe in creating a sense of community belonging, which strengthens civic leadership, engagement, and participation, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

Through our unique and engaging 10-month program, participants gain a profound understanding of our community and leadership, while learning how elected officials, business and institutional leaders, and community groups come together to address challenges. Together, we strive to shape a vibrant and prosperous San Ramon Valley for generations to come.

Please see the Apply tab for information about candidacy, tuition, and how to apply.