Foundations of Leadership


Successful communities require the stewardship of broad-minded, well educated, forward thinking individuals acting in unity to promote the cumulative interests of a greater goal. As leadership, at its core, starts at the individual level – the “Foundations of Leadership” day kicks off the program with an assessment of each participant’s leadership style, and how to leverage this understanding into the ability to lead at a broader community level. The day also includes an historical perspective of the San Ramon Valley and a review of the unified vision that was created by previous community leaders. Intermixed throughout the day are opportunities for developing relationships with other program participants and building the foundations for a strong sense of team and group identity.

“Leadership exposed so many facets of what is involved in creating a viable and enjoyable community. I have a clearer understanding of the various concerns of interests groups when an issue arises.”
— David Behring, ’02  President, The Wheelchair Foundation