Class of 2005

Dennis Bethke – Shapel Industries of Northern California
Shiyama Clunie – SBC
Any Collen – Danville Library
Candace Daniels – City of San Ramon
Timothy Evans – ERG Transit Systems
Liz Garcia – Your Coordinator LLC
Elizabeth Hudson – Town of Danville
Laura Johnson – East Bay Municipal Utilities District
Angela Knight – East Bay Municipal Utilities District
Janine Lappin – Qwest Communications
David Larsen – Law Offices of David J. Larsen
Mike Leontiades – Town of Danville
Sherrie Littlejohn – Wells Fargo Bank
Brooke Littman – City of San Ramon
Martin Mannings – Mannings & Associates
Roz Rogoff – San Ramon Observer
Richard Roll – SRV Coalition for Youth Safety & Development
Kimberly Rose-Young – ATI Architects & Engineers
John Skeel – City of San Ramon
Debbie Trent – Kiwanis of San Ramon Valley
Christy Tyler – ENGEO Inc.
Dominique Yancey – Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office
Heidi Zuber – Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream