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Candidacy is open to all who have an interest in the dynamics of the San Ramon Valley. Criteria for participation include:
leadership material

  • Interest in and commitment to the San Ramon Valley community (live and/or work in the San Ramon Valley)
  • Desire for personal and professional growth
  • Commitment to quality leadership
  • Desire for personal and professional networking opportunities
  • Participants must be prepared to attend all seminars and must have the full support of their employers or organizations.


We strive to make our program accessible and affordable for all participants. Currently, the cost of providing our program is $1,700 per class member. Local government agencies and businesses are invoiced this full amount for the participants they send. To ensure inclusivity, we have set a reduced tuition fee of $1,200 for participants from community non-profits, small businesses, and individuals who pay for the program themselves. We understand that financial constraints can be a barrier, so we also offer additional financial assistance for those who request it and demonstrate need.

We recognize that there are various ways to cover the tuition fees. Participants have the option to pay for the program themselves, or have their employer, business, professional firm, club, organization, or a combination of these entities cover the costs.

Our goal is to provide a flexible payment structure and support system that accommodates different financial situations, ensuring that individuals and organizations can benefit from our program regardless of their financial circumstances.

More Information and Application

The recruitment/application process for the program generally runs April through June, and continues into the summer until the class is filled for the next cohort which begins in August. The class dates for 2023-24 are listed in the online application form and below.  To learn more about this dynamic program, please e-mail us at

To apply complete the online application form

Class meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Times, Locations, and topic/theme for each day will be determined at our annual planning session, but here are the dates for 2023-2024.

August 17, 2023  **                        January 11, 2024
September 14, 2023                      February 8, 2024
October 12, 2023                           March 14, 2024
November 9, 2023                         April 11, 2024
December 14, 2023                        May 9, 2024

* * note recent change and this class is on the 3rd Thursday.

Applicants:  please hold these dates.  Generally we gather at 8:00am and end by 4:45pm.  The final class in May includes a graduation ceremony and reception from 5:00-6:30pm, so we start class later, at 10:00am.