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Community Speakers

At each class, engaging speakers, panelists, and involved community members or officials, share their unique experiences and expertise. Class members interact with the facilitators through fieldwork assignments and projects. In the past several years, a number of community leaders have been among the speakers and presenters at LSRV class sessions. Community leaders, like some listed below, volunteer their time towards our program, and come share their unique experiences and expertise:
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Next Event 10/3

The homework assignment is to bring an “artifact” of your life – something that represents you, symbolizes your life, and/or is very important to you. This should be a small item and not a photograph. Please bring it to the class in a bag so that others in the do not see what you brought. There will be an artifact table please place your item there when you arrive. Please do not discuss the artifact with anyone in the class, as you will have time later in the day to talk about your artifact. Examples of kinds of artifacts that people have brought in the past: Rock Pocket watch Medal Souvenir or trinket that memorializes a significant event Article of clothing Each person’s artifact and story will be different and unique. Take some time to choose an artifact that really means something to you. Come prepared to share with the class why you chose your specific item and the relevance it has to your life.
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